About us

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We are a coconut shell charcoal briquette manufacturer. Specializing in the production of shisha/hookah charcoal.

Our factory is located in Sidenreng Rappang, South Sulawesi. On the land of 20,000 sqm we can process upto 150 tons of coconut charcoal briquette permonth.

Located in the island of Sulawesi enables us to access unlimited resources as the island is famous for its coconut. So lack of resources is never an issue for us! 

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Our Factory

Legal namePT Calidad Coco Indonesia
AddressJl Lasiwala Tanah Cellae, Desa/Kelurahan Pongrangae, Pitu Riawa, Sidenreng Rappang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Registration number1612210006736
Year established2021
ProductCoconut charcoal briquette for shisha/hookah
Production capacity5 tons/day
BrandingOEM service (the client’s brand)
Calidad's factory

Our Vision

To become the leading and trusted briquette charcoal manufacturer and supplier worldwide.

Our Mission

  • Consistently provide the best quality briquettes.
  • Maintain trust from our stakeholders.
  • Improve the welfare of the society surround us especially our workers.

Our Values



We believe in providing the best quality to our customers by strictly maintaining our quality control and we will continuously improve our quality by continuous research and open to customers’ feedback.



Teamwork makes the dream work, cliche isn’t it? But we do sincerely believe working in a team enables us to see wider perspectives and understand the customers’ needs better.


Contribution to the society

We believe in giving back to the society surrounding us, we believe that in every blessing god has given us, there is someone else’s share. 

How is our briquette produced?  

Before the production starts, we ensure the raw material (coconut shell charcoal) used meets our standard specification. There are a few factors that determine the quality of the raw material. The factors are; white ash, low ash content and the moisture < 12%. Once the raw material has passed this check, we can start the production.

Firstly, the raw material will go through the crushing machine where the charcoals will become granules. The charcoal granules will be mixed with tapioca flour and water. The mixture will then go through the blending process to form a dense mixture. It will then go through the molding process to form the briquettes. Afterwards, the briquettes will be placed in the oven for 30 – 40 hours. The briquettes that are ready will go through the quality control process. Those that pass the quality control will be packed according to the buyers requirement. Usually, in an inner plastic, inner box and master box with the buyer’s brand printed on it.